Lilydale Instant Lawn

About the project

Lilydale Instant Lawn approached EngineRoom to redesign and rebuild their ecommerce website to improve online sales for their 4 key lawn products and additional lawn accessories.

My role in the project as Digital Experience Lead was to ultimately deliver a successful ecommerce website outcome for the client. This included facilitating ongoing client stakeholder and development team meetings, creating and managing a delivery roadmap (initial research and discovery phases, through to design handover), delivery of UX design outcomes, and provide creative direction and support to the UI screen deliverables.


Creative direction
UX design
UI design


Product and website UI

Ecommerce approach

A unique challenge with delivering an ecommerce website for Lilydale Instant Lawn was to successfully communicate the hierarchy of products they sell. The key products were 4 lawn (turf) types that covered the vast majority of the client's revenue. They also sold a variety of accessories and lawn care add-on products to be considered as cross-sell and up-sell options.

Through our discovery phase and initial workshops we quickly realised that for our main target audience, there was a lot of education and planning required before a purchase was typically made for their lawn, and therefore the ecommerce website would need to provide a comparable experience to the client's existing well-refined sales phone call experience to be successful.

Website assets and functionality

In addition to traditional ecommerce website pages, it was clear from our research and feedback that our key user groups typically appreciated guidance and education along their lawn purchasing journey.

We produced solutions to address these needs through a range of functionality and content means. Some of these solutions included a step-by-step simple questionnaire that guided the user to the most suitable lawn choice based on their environment and use, interactive calculators that helped users understand what measured quantities of lawn would be required to cover their space, and guides into what maintenance and add-on products would help them get the best out of their new lawn.

The process

A key factor that contributed to the success of the project was the double-diamond approach that we utilised. We took the project team and client through this process by defining the problem during our discovery phase, through to sprint-based delivery of screens and key functionality in order of development timelines and value to the project.

Some highlights of the discovery and research phases was aligning on our target audience and prioritising 4 key groups to ensure all needs were met and highest value was prioritised. This was followed by in-depth user-flow creation based on each of these user groups typical journeys and feedback we'd received about needs and challenges each group faced.

We also presented and refined early-stage design concepts (wireframes) with the client and development team during our recurring meetings, resulting in a smooth final UI screen delivery with the development team.